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What are the installation precautions for explosion-proof control box?

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1. It is very important to choose the type of explosion-proof control box, and the explosion-proof marking of the explosion-proof control box should be compatible with the hazardous gases of the explosion-proof level of the site. When installing the explosion-proof control box, the rubber sealing ring in the cable introduction device shall not be discarded, tighten the compression nut, and the screws on the box shall be completely tightened.

2. Explosion-proof control box line installation is the assembly part of the electrical control cabinet, in order to do a good job of installation, you must understand the basic knowledge of the installation information in order to better installation.

3. Explosion-proof control box should be checked before installation, first of all, to see whether the technical data on the nameplate and the actual use of the same. Next to check whether all the fasteners are loose, if loose, please tighten the internal and external grounding of the junction box.

4. Installation of explosion-proof control box, the need for sealing rings to pass the cable, metal washers, with compression nuts pressed tightly to ensure that the sealing and cable should not be loose, unused wiring ports should be sealed with sealing rings and metal washers.

5. explosion-proof control box line minimum wiring cross-section can not be less than 1.5 square, and the current ring can not be less than 2.5 square. If you can not reach such a standard, the line must not be able to withstand high current, and the use of the cycle is reduced, which can not meet the requirements of its use. Therefore, when selecting the line, it must be selected according to the specifications so as not to affect the normal operation of the explosion-proof control box.

Explosion-proof control box components in a closed or semi-closed environment, the placement of components in line with the operational requirements of the system, so that not only is it more convenient to overhaul, and no dangerous accidents. In addition, the explosion-proof control box can be shut down manually or automatically during normal operation. If the explosion-proof control box is faulty and cannot be used normally, cut off the circuit with the aid of a protector or sound an alarm.