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Explosion-proof electrical control box (IIC) Category:Ex electrical control box

Product Introduction:Scope of application and use:1. Applicable ambient temperature: -20℃ - +40℃;2. For explosive gas mixture hazardous places: Zone1, Zone2;3. Applicable to combustible dust places: Zone 21, Zone 22;4. Used in petroleum mining, storage, chemic……

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Scope of application and use:

1. Applicable ambient temperature: -20℃ - +40℃;

2. For explosive gas mixture hazardous places: Zone1, Zone2;

3. Applicable to combustible dust places: Zone 21, Zone 22;

4. Used in petroleum mining, storage, chemical, pharmaceutical, military, textile and other hazardous environments, in the circuit as a local or remote control of contactors, circuit breakers, electromagnetic appliances on the signal, control lines for on, off, switching control, and can be directly on the small AC motor starting, stopping, reversing the control, fitted with an ammeter, signal lamps, the controller can also be on the motor operation or the circuit conditions for monitoring and display;

5. The product programme is diversified and can be produced according to the electrical system diagram provided by user.

Product features:

1.Aluminium alloy die-casting or high-quality steel plate (stainless steel) welded shell, high-temperature shot blasting treatment, the surface of high-pressure electrostatic spraying, corrosion-resistant, anti-aging; 

2.Stainless steel exposed fasteners, high anti-corrosion performance;

3.Adopt single explosion-proof shell, equipped with explosion-proof indicator,

button, universal transfer switch, ammeter, voltmeter, potentiometer, etc. can be equipped with other instruments according to user requirements, can also be used in explosion-proof double-cavity shell structure, explosion-proof cavity dedicated indicator buttons, conversion switches, gauges, potentiometers and other components, the wiring cavity is equipped with wiring terminals, in the absence of the opening of explosion-proof cavity can be achieved in the field to install, a great degree of saving It saves manpower and material resources to a great extent;

4.The shell and cover can be equipped with hinges according to the requirements, which is beautiful in appearance and convenient for maintenance;

5.The shell is equipped with a warning plate with the clear sign "Ex" and the words "It is forbidden to open the cover with electricity";

6.Diversified choices of inlet and outlet wiring (conventional inlet wiring, steel pipe wiring, aviation plug).