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Explosion-proof frequency control cabinet Category:Ex control cabinet

Product Introduction:Scope of application and use:1. Applicable ambient temperature: -20℃ - +40℃;2. For explosive gas mixture hazardous places: Zone1, Zone2;3. Applicable to combustible dust places: Zone 21, Zone 22;4. Suitable for petroleum extraction, refini……

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Scope of application and use:

1. Applicable ambient temperature: -20℃ - +40℃;

2. For explosive gas mixture hazardous places: Zone1, Zone2;

3. Applicable to combustible dust places: Zone 21, Zone 22;

4. Suitable for petroleum extraction, refining, chemical industry, medicine, light industry, military industry, textile, pharmaceutical and other hazardous environments;  

5. It is suitable for explosion-proof treatment of products with large volume, high working temperature rise of internal components or complex electrical wiring;

6. Two processing types for dilution of airflow and leakage compensation.

Product features:

1.The product shell is made of high quality steel plate welding or stainless steel welding moulding, the surface is powder electrostatic spraying after high-speed shot blasting, with beautiful appearance;

2.Can be installed according to user requirements of a variety of ordinary detection instrumentation, analysis instrumentation, display instrumentation, transformers, soft starters, inverters, PLC, various buttons, switches, microcomputer touch screen and ordinary electrical components, the user needs to be installed on the electrical components are completely unrestricted;

3.Modular structure design, positive pressure chamber and control chamber can be combined up and down, left and right, front and rear, and can also be installed separately;

4.With gas pressure regulating and filtering device, users only need to introduce clean gas source on site, and do not need to install other gas source components;

5.With sparks and particles baffle, positive pressure chamber can be discharged, safe and reliable;

6.The control system adopts PLC programmable logic controller, which is stable and reliable with fast response speed;

7.Humanised man-machine interface, LCD text display, set a number of functions in one, reducing the control system panel buttons, indicators;

8.With communication interface, it can realise remote centralized monitoring and control;

9.Monitoring of positive pressure chamber pressure, flow rate and other important parameters;

10.Sensor signal type and signal value range can be set;

11.The delay time before formal gas exchange can be set to ensure that the combustible gas is completely discharged before the positive pressure chamber is energised;

12.According to the on-site gas source pressure, it can set the working pressure range, alarm pressure range and positive pressure chamber power cut-off pressure range by itself;

13.The working pressure range, alarm pressure range and positive pressure chamber power cut-off pressure range can be set according to the gas source pressure on site;

14.The size of the positive pressure chamber can be set according to the actual situation to improve the versatility of the control programme;

15.The programme automatically calculates the duration of air exchange according to the relevant parameters;

16.Modular programme design, only need to load different programmes to achieve different control functions;

17.Positive pressure chamber can be installed with all kinds of detecting instruments, 

analysing instruments, displaying instruments, low-voltage electrical appliances, frequency converter, soft starter and all kinds of electrical control systems, which is flexible and versatile.