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What is explosion-proof air conditioner?

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Explosion-proof air conditioner, compared to other special air conditioner is slightly strange, but whether we are familiar with it or not, in some industrial places, it has an irreplaceable position, explosion-proof air conditioning has become an important equipment for flammable and explosive places. Now will be some of the explosion-proof air conditioner principle, explosion-proof air conditioner installation methods and precautions to share with you.

Explosion-proof air conditioner appearance is basically similar to home air conditioner, explosion-proof air conditioner is mainly a modification of the air conditioner, circuit boards and other parts of the sealing process. Explosion-proof air conditioner can be used in Zone1, Zone2 explosive gas environment, explosion-proof grade IIA, IIB and other explosive gas environment. It has the advantages of high efficiency and energy saving, low noise, high temperature, low temperature, extra high temperature, extra low temperature, refrigeration and heating and automatic defrosting, etc. It can be customised with single-cooling or cooling/heating modification through the user's demand. Widely used in petroleum refining, storage, chemical, medical, textile, printing and dyeing, military and military facilities and other explosive hazardous environments.

2. What are the characteristics of explosion-proof air conditioners?

Air conditioner according to performance can be divided into single cold and cold and warm two kinds, according to the structure can be divided into window, split wall-mounted, split cabinet three kinds, explosion-proof air conditioning is in the ordinary air-conditioning on the basis of full GB3836 series of standards for the requirements of the explosion-proof design, the use of special processing technology and manufacturing methods for explosion-proof processing.

Explosion-proof air conditioner piping connections and ordinary air conditioner consistent, electrical connections must be in accordance with the requirements of the explosion-proof electrical installation process, the first power supply into the explosion-proof control box, from the explosion-proof control box were introduced to the indoor and outdoor units, according to user requirements, the site of special air-conditioner equipment for the explosion-proof processing, such as "large chiller, refrigeration unit, general air-conditioner equipment and special installation of air-conditioner equipment for explosion-proof processing We will design and manufacture the programme and submit it to the user for review. If necessary, according to user requirements, apply for explosion-proof testing centre at the scene of the product explosion-proof performance testing, all explosion-proof air-conditioning products are shipped with a full set of product technical data and installation and use of the manual, please be sure to follow the instructions of the requirements of the installation and use of the product structure is compact, beautiful and generous modeling, installation and maintenance programmes, steel tubes and cables wiring.