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What are the advantages of explosion-proof control box?

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1. The internal components of the control box are laid out according to the customer's standards, which can achieve a variety of roles;

2. Explosion-proof control box can be divided into vertical and hanging type;

3. Explosion-proof control box enclosure is made of iron plate welding or aluminium alloy casting. Spraying treatment has high-pressure electrostatic. All products are generally composed of explosion-proof shell and raise the chassis;

4. Connection method:You can use seamless steel pipe of explosion-proof control box or cable line and explosion-proof hose;

5. The components inside the explosion-proof enclosure can be configured with general electrical equipment components, such as AC contactors, thermal relays, temperature controllers and a variety of programme modules. Keys, control circuits, instrument panels and so on. All enhance the explosion-proof components in the enclosure.