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Explosion-proof air conditioner troubleshooting methods?

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1. explosion-proof air conditioner does not run:

Explosion-proof air conditioner does not run the reason may be the user forgets to plug in the power plug or power supply system temporary blackout, may also be the power fuse blown. Can check the power supply (some air conditioners are equipped with leakage protector, should also be checked), if the plug should be plugged off, if the fuse should be replaced in a timely manner.

2. explosion-proof air conditioner running, but the indoor temperature is not ideal for the cause of this failure can be considered from the following items:

①explosion-proof air conditioner room outside the sun;

②explosion-proof air conditioner room outside the vent is blocked by debris;

③workshop doors and windows open or open the door frequently;

The workshop may use electric heating appliances;

⑤The number of people in the workshop is too large or the heat generated by the machine is large;

⑥The air filter is clogged and the amount of air supply is reduced;

⑦Temperature regulator set in the temperature high block;

⑧explosion-proof air conditioner adjusted in the ventilation block, but not adjusted to the cooling block.

These are not part of the failure of the "false fault", because the user did not carefully read the product manual or professional knowledge of the book, the lack of common sense caused by the correct use, as long as the correct use of air-conditioning according to the requirements of such "failures" can be avoided.

3.explosion-proof air conditioner running some noise and odor:

In the air conditioner cooling operation, or after stopping the operation, sometimes hear a slight "popping" sound. This is due to the air conditioner's plastic panels and other parts of the expansion and contraction along with the temperature changes occur in the sound, it is not a failure, do not worry. Sometimes due to the room air is not fresh or odor by the air conditioner sucked and sent out, which also does not belong to the air conditioner problem. But if the odor from the explosion-proof air conditioner, it should be carefully checked and be cleaned.