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Do you know why to use explosion-proof appliances?

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Explosion-proof appliances, as the name suggests, is in the presence of explosive hazardous gas mixtures can prevent explosions occurring in the electrical appliances. China's explosion-proof appliances are basically divided into two categories: one is the mining explosion-proof appliances, mainly used in coal mines, mines with gas and other explosive gases protruding from the place, the other is the factory explosion-proof appliances, It is mainly used in all places except for mines and coal mines, such as: petroleum, chemical, textile, pharmaceutical, military and other enterprises, including gas explosion-proof and dust explosion-proof. Because explosion-proof electrical appliances are a special kind of electrical products, the state has formulated a mandatory implementation standard for them. This regulates China's explosion-proof electrical products technology, quality and other important guiding documents, but also explosion-proof electrical products production, use, inspection of an important basis. Any kind of explosion-proof electrical appliances must meet the requirements of its label, and obtain the certificate of conformity issued by the explosion-proof inspection unit before entering the market. The use of explosion-proof appliances is to reduce the possibility of explosion hazards, explosion hazards and electrical wiring due to sparks collision sparks lead to an explosion, explosion-proof appliances can be a good way to prevent these dangerous factors, coupled with the frequency of explosions in recent years, the country's explosion-proof facilities are very strict requirements. China's explosion-proof electrical products started relatively late, about the early 21st century, from the prevention of the former Soviet Union's coal mine with explosion-proof electrical products, and gradually developed and formed a certain industry productivity. In recent years, the petrochemical industry is developing rapidly, and the need for explosion-proof electrical equipment in factories has relatively increased.

Due to the explosion-proof electrical production process is more complex, the manufacturing difficulty is also relatively large, the relative profit margins are better, so there are many companies slowly began to contact the production of explosion-proof appliances, but the industry management is relatively diluted, product quality supervision is not strong enough, not all manufacturers say that the production of explosion-proof electrical appliances can figure out the basic theory and basic knowledge of the explosion-proof electrical appliances, so the products will certainly have safety hazards, in addition there are some companies in the interests of the drive, arbitrary deviation from the explosion-proof labelling requirements, in order to obtain higher economic benefits. So you need to choose some brand-name enterprises, production experience, excellent technology, to avoid purchasing substandard explosion-proof electrical products. In order to better protect the safety of staff and property, it is more important to use explosion-proof equipment correctly, the use of explosion-proof equipment for production and worker safety is also guaranteed to avoid the occurrence of tragedies.